WEISS Rotary Indexers

Discover how WEISS North America’s broad range of precision rotary indexers are characterized by a whole new machine concept and design approach. This new approach allows for unprecedented flexibility and our end-to-end control software (W.A.S.) will help bring your automation solution online quickly and efficiently.

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WEISS Rotary Indexers

The WEISS family of rotary indexers offers extreme flexibility within your automation environment. WEISS consistently delivers rotary table indexing solutions that are both robust and reliable. From our Freely Programmable Rotary Indexers to our Fixed-Station Rotary Tables, we have the perfect solution for your automation needs.

Freely Programmable Precision Rotary Indexers

NC Rotary Indexing Tables

NR Rotary Indexing Rings

CR Heavy Duty Rotary Rings

TH Rotary Barrel Drive

TO Torque Rotary Tables

ST High-Torque Rotating Unit

TW Direct Drive Motor

Fixed Station Rotary Indexing Tables

TC Rotary Index Tables

WEISS TC Rotary Indexing Table

TR Rotary Indexing Rings

WEISS TR Rotary Indexing Table

GS Globoidal Cam Indexers

WEISS GS Globoidal Cam Indexer

Rotary Indexer Applications

WEISS products are used in a wide range of applications and can be easily and seamlessly integrated into an existing environment. Every industry and application has special characteristics and specific requirements. Our decades of expertise & experience allows us to speak the language of your industry and better understand your needs. This enables us to work with you to specify & build the perfect automation solution based upon your specific and unique requirements.


Inspection & Testing
Marking & Identification


Weld Cells & Trunion Axis

Material Handling

Automated Storage & Retrieval


Insertion & Joining


Variable Indexing
Fast Recommissioning
Multiple Offset Tooling

Custom Solutions

Machine Frames/Chassis
Single Source Solution
Custom Dial & Tooling Plates

Custom-Designed, Custom-Manufactured, Customer Specific Applications

WEISS North America Automotive Solutions

The full WEISS product line is used throughout various processes in the Automotive Industry from welding applications to sealing ring assembly, powertrains and high-speed assembly. WEISS offers best-in-class solutions for both rotary and linear machines, including precise, high-speed, handling units. Pictured is a trunnion solution used for robotic welding.

If you would like to discuss your application with a seasoned WEISS automation professional or have any questions, simply give us a call at 888-934-7762 or fill out the form below to schedule a free call to discuss your application.

WEISS Automotive Trunnion Application with Rotary Indexers

WEISS Rotary Indexing Table Overview Video

Here’s a brief overview of our Fixed-Station Rotary Indexing Tables as well as our Freely Programmable Rotary Indexing Tables. We also highlight some of our value-added products and services.

WEISS manufactures one of the most reliable and robust indexing tables available worldwide and we are a global leader in the field of automation. Extremely long service life combined with impressively fast switching technology is a characteristic of every indexing table we manufacture.

WEISS rotary indexers are maintenance free and offer the industry’s best warranty.

Case Study: One Ring to Rule Them All

Leading development partner for the transportation industry with a global operating workforce of over 5,600, EDAG was recently faced with the task of designing a heavy-duty ring for a new production concept. Featuring a distinctly large central opening, the WEISS CR 2600 provides a unique combination for this size of a classic rotary indexer and shuttle system in which robots can access the workpiece from both sides.

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WEISS CR 2600 Rotary Index Ring

WEISS North America Rotary Tables

About WEISS North America

In 1996, Precision Detroit Company established a relationship with WEISS GmbH. WEISS has been manufacturing high quality index tables for decades and is the leading automation component manufacturer in Europe today.

In August, 2007, WEISS GmbH established WEISS North America, Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary. On September 30, 2007, WEISS North America, Inc. acquired the assets of Precision Detroit Company, Inc. relative to its PDC Geneva Motion index tables and its network of sales representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Today, WEISS North America is not only a rotary table manufacturer but your complete automation manufacturer and solutions partner. WEISS has decades of expertise in providing automation, drive and control solutions to industrial markets. WEISS offers industry-specific, cost-effective and efficient technology solutions to help you maximize your efficiency, increase your productivity and achieve optimal system performance. We understand that your application has unique processes and specific requirements and we work closely with you to develop the perfect automation solution for your particular needs.

Successfully competing in our increasingly competitive global environment requires strategy, innovation and proven reliability from a partner that you can trust. Give us a call at 888-WEISSNA, fill out the form above, schedule a call below or simply send us an email to discuss your automation needs.